Dec 30, 2011

Must you do that?

My son has his own taste in music. I have mine. When we go out he HAS to play his music ....why? He doesn't use headphones for some unexplained reason. That means that I am subjected to listening to it and then telling him off about it. If I wanted to hear it I would put it on myself. Right?
So poor me, I tell him "do you have to do that? "....... I get the response "but I like this one " groan.
So why is it this way? Is it a breach of my personal space? Nobody should HAVE to listen to any music that they do not want to hear.
My poor head. It's been pounding all morning and now I have to listen to music as well.

Dec 22, 2011


A heavy love. Nothing has been more important than anything else.

A light heart.  So much fear involved in giving up the one thing that is always alive.

A crazy soul. Till they can make you feel that you should be angry, tell them to take a look around at themselves.

Bursting my bubble

I hate my  bubble. 

What is my bubble I hear you ask yourself. Simply put it is all the good things in my life all placed in a bubble, that in my head and heart can not be popped. 

Yeah right! The way it was supposed to work was that in my bubble I am in love totally. There is nothing else in my world.  Nothing is ever more right.  Nothing is bad. I live in a bubble that is totally unbreakable.

You get the idea.

Till it is popped.  It always happens, always.  One moment I'm on top of my world, next moment I'm broken. My bubble has been burst. It breaks my heart.  Nothing is more important than the happiness inside the bubble, then it is gone. 

So why then do I hate my bubble? 

Because it breaks me down.  It wears me out. It always kills a part of me.  For that reason I hate my bubble.

Dec 13, 2011

Being honest part 2

I question whether it is what I want.   Then I question the question. But life is a bitch. I know that it is. If you are honest with yourself, then you know it is as well. But ONLY if you are honest.

I honestly hate my life. I really do. I totally wish that I was never born. I have never felt that I am good enough for anyone and don't deserve to breathe another breath at all.

I always wanted the life that you see in the movies or at least what have seen in real life. The somthing special. The family that is perfect, not totally but almost. You know the kind I mean? I don't have that. I honestly believe it will never be that way, EVER.

At the moment I am outside of the house because I am not good enough for him. I can not do anything right and as a result I got asked to leave.  It's cold weather and it is very windy out here. It's almost 7:30pm and it's getting darker and colder. I am not dressed for cold weather at all. I am honestly freezing here.  I  am also scared to go back home just in case he tells me to get lost again. I  wish I was dead.

Being honest.

Occupy Melbourne.  I can sum up the movement in one word ...... joke.  Sorry to be such a bitch about this, but it has to be said in another place other than their Facebook page.

Greed is a 2 way street. The 'haves' and the 'wants'.

Occupy Melbourne is the 'wants'.  They 'want' the rich to share their wealth with everyone who does not have much. They believe that they should be entitled to a share even though they have not earned it. Even if they do not work. GREED .

The rich could do that, if they believe they should.  But why should they?  They worked hard for it.  They earned it. Sure they get paid an extremely high amount compared to those lower income people, but think of the job they do. While  corporations, companies and countries are run on their backs. On their ideas. But they won't ever be able to spend all that money.  So they make more and keep it. Greed.

But who has the right to demand they share it?