Jun 19, 2010

Still not better.

Well it's now been 8 months since I hurt myself. I am not even a little better & it's starting to really piss me off. I am in constant pain, my Dr does not listen to me & need to find a new one. I have been told by Dr that I am ok for light duties (all without asking me how I am) & have no idea how that will happen..... I work as a checkout chick... what friggen light duties? Anyway, Coles says I am to go back once they find something. Yeah right.  I can't stand or sit for any length of time still, I have Sciatica down both legs all the way to the toes & instead of losing weight I have put on 4kgs since being injured. Better? Not at all... but hey that's didn't stop the Dr from sending me back last time.