Aug 31, 2010

At last!

Ok so I have been off work now for just over 10 months with a L4-L5,L5-S1 disc protrusion combined with Sciatica down both legs all the way to the toes. Sounds massive huh? Yeah it kinda is when you add the 24/7 pain & the fact that painkillers really don't work alot for me anymore. I can't sit or stand for long & it's driving me nuts.

Anyway, I have a great Dr who understands (not like my last one) and he has finally referred me to an orthopedic surgeon (back person) & I managed to get an appointment..... in November. Cup day to be exact, no idea how that works out, but at least I do not have to pay for it..... work does. Wonder why they cost me my life.

There is also a lawyer waiting in the wings till after I see my back person to try to get me some compensation. I know then that it will mean the end of my WorkCover payments, I don't care. They ruined my life, my family's life & any kind of hope for me in the future.

I thrilled to finally see a specialist though.

Aug 28, 2010

Today was the day.

Ok so today was B-day.
No no no, not Birthday...B-day.... bead day... cleaning up my mess of beads. Well not really a mess but a hell of a lot of beads that I doubt I'll ever get to use again. I want to use them. I really do, but with my back being the way it is I find I can't sit long enough to do anything with them anymore.

I loved my beading, with a passion,. Then I got hurt. That's when alot of things started to lose their passion. Pity really, I think passion is a brilliant thing to have in life. It's what keeps you feeling. Feeling life, love & everything in between. But alas my passion for beading went the moment I could not enjoy it. I managed to fit my passion inside a 150ltr tub. Sad really.
 It should not have come down to this, giving away my passion for the sake of anything. But to see it there going to waste is a pain to see. So I will sell my passion to the person who wants it. To the person who I think will make good use of it. If not then I must place it in the shed, away from my daily life.

On a high note, the place does look less cluttered I had to get help from my darling son, but in the end we got there.