Mar 29, 2012

Stop my life, I want to get off.

I've had enough already. So stressed out that I have lost my appetite totally. If it's not one get the idea.

So March has been the most hair pulling, gut churning, teeth grinding month that I have had in a while. Actually, that I have had in a long while.

I can't stand by & keep on this path or it will kill me one way or another. I won't go into details here, but all I can say is "ENOUGH".

Mar 22, 2012

Sorry for not posting.

Ok so it has been a good while since I last wrote anything on here, but that's cause I been busy losing weight. :-D I have managed to lose 14kg so far & plan on losing another 15 before I hit my goal weight of 65kg. That's a major amount for me and I hope I'm up to the task. I am always so tired & grumpy that I would love to just give up already. I don't think I can do it somedays, but know that nobody else is going to lose the weight for me. It's up to me totally.

I wish I didn't have all this extra stress from work as well, cause I am one of those people who eat lots when stressing out. I've been good so far &will eat something low in calories just so I learn to at least eat better if I'm that way.