Jul 10, 2011

Google+ anyone?

Yes. I am finally on Google+. Google's new social media whatever you call it site.

 Me on Google+

 It is invite only at this stage & if you would love to get in on it while it's still in testing mode then please send me some kind of message & as long as you have a gmail.com account then you can join in. If you don't have a gmail.com account then you can still gain an invite, you just can't do anything with it.

It's quite different to Facebook in a way mainly because of the way you can webcam with more than one person at a time (like a group thing) while Facebook not only has not got this option (yet) they will only be able to have just 1 on 1 webcam chat. Not much fun at all. Then there is the group chat feature anyway.

You can link other sites to your page, can add sparks (interests) in a flash (perhaps thats why it's called a spark lol) and easily upload photos, pics & videos from Picassa (another Google product) very easily & fast.

It's well set out, not as bad as Facebook &  you dont have to wait for people to 'add' you as a friend.