Aug 6, 2013

Walking AGAIN?

So I'd love to stop having to walk so much. Simple as that. From the moment I wake up I have to s start walking, either via actual walking or just stepping in place. That's just to get the ability to move a little. Then to not have to take a painkiller I MUST keep going. If I dare sit down for more than a few minutes then I start being in pain all over again. To the point I then need to take a painkiller again, something I was avoiding by walking.

Do I enjoy spending my life walking all day? Hell no. I'd rather be working or being able to do housework. Wow I'd love to do housework.

Yet I'm punished for doing the only thing I've found that helps. How? By being told my injury was only a strain (despite scans showing a lot more) and that I should not be in pain at all. Huh!

How is that possible? I walk all damn day to try to stay out of enough pain so I don't have to take a painkiller I'm actually addicted to and I'm told I'm pain free by a Dr who is paid to say that?

By the time I get to bed at about midnight my back is screaming at me. Sleeping is then almost impossible and by the time I do fall asleep it's around 2am or so. Day starts at about 6am. Start walking. Repeat daily.

So what job can I get that allows constant moving (walking) no lifting and makes sure I'm alert enough after not enough sleep? Yeah find me that job & then decide I got time to look for one before you decide to stop payments for am injury your company caused.

In punished for doing it by the book the whole time.

Strain my ass..... it's a protruding disc on 2 discs. Read a scan and report.