Jun 28, 2014

Jacki? You there?

Yep I am here, as usual. I don't know if that is such a great thing to admit to. Right?

I should be off doing things, being someone. Doing something meaningful with my life rather than wasting it. I'm 39 & have nothing to show for it. Well apart from Matt & Mick. I don't even have a bill to my name.... as in utilities bills. Nothing. I own some beads, some jewellery making items & some loom bands (don't ask) I own 3 laptops, 1 desktop...a billion coffee cups &other bits of crap. But nothing that would make a difference in the word, or at least MY world.

I own a back that wont let me enjoy life most of the time, today is one of the bad days. Oh I do own my Fitbit.... I guess that makes a difference in my world. It stops me focusing on other crap. Like no sex. Or no money (come on lotto).

I'm feeling sorry for myself today.


Apr 27, 2014

Back into life.

I'm still walking. Being up from 5:30am is a pain, but I can't sleep past then no matter how hard I try. I'm up at 4am some days..... depending on what time my shift is at work.

Oh that's right.... I'm back working bitches. Have been since Nov 1st. Funny how it's a job right next to Coles.... but this place is 100% better. I walk & move constantly in this job. I take my painkiller & off I work. Strange how Coles could not find a job like that there isnt it? I can do an 8hr shift, walking the whole time...and still be ok the next day.

Where do I work? Baker's Delight..... and I'm damn good at my job. I'm happier, treated so much better & despite being there only 6 months I'm moving on up & being put in charge more & more....now tell me that would have happened at Coles. Yeah right.

So now I'm walking a minimum of 30,000 steps a day, running when I can (or not suffering shin splints or a VMO injury) and starting some strength training. All on my own. All without Coles breathing down my neck & accusing me of being a liar. Dr is ok with my fitness level...he's more than impressed with the 39kg I've lost & very supportive of my fasting every 2nd day. He's kinda more relaxed about the fact that I know what is best for me in regards to what I can & can't do.... without Coles breathing down his neck as well. Strange how everyone is happier away from that place & their way of trying to catch you out.

Anyway...100000000% happier (yeah I know there is no such thing) and feeling great about all I can do even while still injured.