Jun 28, 2014

Jacki? You there?

Yep I am here, as usual. I don't know if that is such a great thing to admit to. Right?

I should be off doing things, being someone. Doing something meaningful with my life rather than wasting it. I'm 39 & have nothing to show for it. Well apart from Matt & Mick. I don't even have a bill to my name.... as in utilities bills. Nothing. I own some beads, some jewellery making items & some loom bands (don't ask) I own 3 laptops, 1 desktop...a billion coffee cups &other bits of crap. But nothing that would make a difference in the word, or at least MY world.

I own a back that wont let me enjoy life most of the time, today is one of the bad days. Oh I do own my Fitbit.... I guess that makes a difference in my world. It stops me focusing on other crap. Like no sex. Or no money (come on lotto).

I'm feeling sorry for myself today.


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